Since 2003, we have built dozens of performant teams in Europe, North America and the Middle-East. Our clients are startups, Fortune 500 and public institutions, speaking English, French, Arabic and German.
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Why you should work with Stonfield to take your team to the next level?
In 2003, we created Stonfield because we know you can't be great at everything and stay on top of HR best practices while focusing on your business and delivering your business plan. You need trusted and proven consultants to help you define and analyze the options you have, and help you turn your decisions into action plans. It's all about delivering.

We have been recognized - and awarded - for what makes the DNA of our approaches: Innovation, Creativity, Business and result focused... and Human centric. We work with team around the world. We speak their language natively (English, German, French, Arabic). We are respectful of each individual culture.

We make better teams for our clients because we put the human beings you work with in the center of what we do for you.
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